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Cute Kittens HD Wallpapers Theme Chrome Extension

Get some really awesome high quality Cute Kittens wallpapers!

We have made a lot of efforts to make browsing experience much more pleasant with our new excellent Cute Kittens Wallpapers for New Tab. We provide a colorful renovation to your Chrome New Tab with our nifty Cute Kittens New Tab Theme. All animal lovers will definitely like our product!

We improved a lot of features for you comfortable browsing. Process of using Chrome New tab has never been so easy and simple. All you need to do is to install our new Cute Kittens extension. Transform your new tab in accordance to your needs and wishes!

Here is a short list of Cute Kittens Chrome Theme features:

  • Option of the local weather forecast;
  • Yahoo! and Google search bar for making your information retrieval faster and easier;
  • Local time wherever you are;
  • Bookmark your favorites and quickly access to last seen websites;
  • Play game while browsing;
  • Everyday inspiration with interesting facts and eloquent quotes;
  • Newsfeed related to Cute Kittens theme;
  • A huge amount of Cute Kittens wallpapers.

Let`s have some fun with these awesome Cute Kittens wallpapers Theme! A lot of people in our world love animals, and we are sure, that you are not an exception! So click on “install” button to have these stunning wallpapers and share us with your friends! You might also like Cute Kittens FullHD  Wallpapers.  We can also offer our products such as Cute Kittens 2019  Wallpapers.


Cute Kittens HD Wallpapers
Cute Kittens 2019  Wallpapers
Cute Kittens FullHD  Wallpapers
Cute Kittens Best Wallpapers

How to uninstall the Cute Kittens New Tab Theme:
(it is pretty easy to remove and you always can download it again!)

  1. Click on the icon in the upper right corner of the Chrome interface.
  2. Choose the option “Settings”.
  3. Click on “Extensions” in the appeared menu.
  4. Choose the extension that you want to eliminate.
  5. Find the trash icon and click on it.
  6. Done! Your extension is uninstalled.


This is not an official application and it was created by Cute Kittens fans. All images were collected on the Internet. The elements used in this application are not associated with, sponsored or supported by any company. All trademarks and copyrights are reserved by their owners. Please inform us if you are the owner of the content, and we will remove it.

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